No More Complaining!

Seventeen years ago, I started complaining. Today, I decided to quit complaining and do something.

Complained that there was no way to share new technical information with manufactured home installers. Complained that the government wrote regulations about installer responsibilities and never even talked to an installer. Complained that as the installers responsibilities increase, their compensation stayed flat. Complained that there was no consistent resource for installers.

Today starts the first blog devoted for the sole purpose of educating and elevating manufactured home installers. It is hoped that this blog will become an important resource in spreading information with the hard-working folks that make their living installing manufactured housing.

I have made my career in manufactured housing, and after almost 30 years of training, inspecting, presenting and promoting, I have concluded that for this industry to succeed, it needs to do a better job communicating with installers. Something besides the mandatory training classes delivered by some government bureaucrat or from a computer screen.

So, here is my attempt at communicating with manufactured home professional installers on a regular basis. I hope that you learn something from my posts, and I hope you decide to follow this blog. Tell your friends. Give me feedback.

No more complaining!

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