Who Are THEY?

Trying to decide where to park at a large home improvement store the other day, I said to my wife “why did they make the exit door so far away from the entrance?”.

Driving home, after catching the third red light in a row, I wondered, “why don’t they synchronize these lights better?”.

The afternoon mail made me ask, “why do they keep sending me all this junk mail?”.

This brings me to the real question, “who are THEY”?

When it comes to Manufactured Housing codes, rules and regulations, THEY are the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Manufactured Housing Programs (HUD-OMHP).hud

HUD-OMHP are a handful of folks that work in a huge government agency. And truth be told, an agency where manufactured housing is not always a priority. THEY, don’t know many installers, but I think THEY would benefit from connecting with you and hearing from you. And, THEY have made it pretty easy.

I encourage all manufactured housing professional installers to visit the HUD-OMHP web site. There are a couple of pretty important things you can do there:

  1. Get on the mailing list for the newsletter, “The FACTS”, and check out some past issues.
  2. Click on the “Highlights” section where you can access the HUD Code, Installation Standards, Dispute Resolution Program, and many other tools that are important to your success.
  3. There is even a place where you can send them questions or comments.

HERE is a link to their web site. I think you will find it helpful, and THEY will appreciate it!

3 thoughts on “Who Are THEY?

  1. Mark,

    Since the closing of several retailers in Ohio, we have experienced an increase of traffic and customers wanting to place a manufactured home in Ohio. I hate to turn this incremental business away. I ask you two things: Do you know what the process is of getting an installers certification in Ohio or are they a reciprocal State where I can use my Pennsylvania certification to set manufactured homes? Secondly, do you know of any quality installers licensed in Ohio that I may subcontract to do the set up of a manufactured home? Thank you for your response.


    Billy Hughes

    VP General Manager

    422 Homes




    1. Billy,
      The Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission operates the Ohio installation program. It currently appears that they only accept the MHEI On-line training for new installers and a course run by the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association for continuing education.
      The Commission Website (www.omhc.ohio.gov) does have a searchable data base for installers. I would also reach out to the OMHA (http://welcomehomeohio.com/) for more information.


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