HUD Dispute Resolution Webinar

You are all invited and encouraged to participate in a HUD-Office of Manufactured Housing Programs webinar on Tuesday, June 27, 2017, from 2 PM to 3 PM eastern time. HUD officials as well as staff from the Savan Group will be on hand to discuss the Dispute Resolution Program, address some misconceptions about the program and to answer questions you may have.

Registration is required for participation. So prior to the webinar, make sure you register by CLICKING HERE or for more information click HERE . 

I know that most of you will be out at a job site and may not have availability to log into a webinar, but if you are available, please take the time to learn more about this program, particularly consumer disclosure requirements for retailers and manufacturers and record keeping requirements for installers.

Be sure to add this to your calendar!


3 thoughts on “HUD Dispute Resolution Webinar

      1. I just received word from the Savan Group that the webinar will be recorded. As I know it will take a while to make it available, I will post a notice when it is up!


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