HUD wants to hear from YOU!

Last week the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development announced that they are reviewing existing and planned manufactured housing regulations. This is to better look at the cost of compliance to try and reduce the regulatory burden on anyone impacted by their regulations.

HUD is looking for comments from installers and retailers (and others)  to assist in identifying regulations that may be outmoded, ineffective, or excessively burdensome and should be modified, streamlined, replaced, or repealed.

Comments are due by February 26, 2018 and can be mailed or submitted electronically. All comments must include the following docket number and title:

Docket No. FR-6075-N-01      Regulatory Review of Manufactured Housing Rules                                                 

It is pretty easy to send comments electronically. Just go to

In the big blue search box, type in 6075-N-01. From there you can read the notice published by HUD, and when you click on “comment now” you can type in your concerns.

Should you want to mail written comments to HUD, send them to:

Regulations Division, Office of General Counsel     

Department of Housing & Urban Development    

451 7TH Street SW, Room 10276

Washington, DC 20410-0550


Don’t forget to include the docket number and title in your letter.

I strongly suggest that you reference each of your comments to a specific requirement under the federal regulations. For example, if you feel the requirement for the Surety Bond/Insurance (in HUD administered states) is too burdensome, make sure you reference 3286.205(d). If you think the requirements for pier construction are confusing and need simplified, reference 3285.304.

I know many installers object to the requirements for testing water supply lines 3285.603(e), drain lines 3285.604(d), and fuel supply piping 3285.605, especially since the manufacturer performed this testing at the factory. Just include the reference in your comment. You can access the HUD regulations for installation at their website or just CLICK HERE

HUD is also interested in your thoughts on placing homes on foundations in freezing climates. I know that many of you have some strong feelings on this issue.

But regardless of the specific issue, now is your chance to be heard. Keep in mind the deadline is February 26, 2018.

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