Nationwide “AC” Regarding Manufactured Housing Window Shortage

I have been made aware of a recent action by HUD regarding the manufactured housing program that is worth sharing with installers and retailers.

Evidently, manufacturers are having problems purchasing windows that meet the older standards referenced in the Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards (HUD Code). As a result, HUD has issued a blanket letter of Alternative Construction (AC Letter) that allows for the use of windows that meet the more recent standards generally accepted in other building codes.

As you know, AC letters require that the letters “AC” be included in the serial number of the home and that a notice be provided to any perspective purchaser explaining the issue. The blanket AC Letter requires that the manufacturer post the required purchaser notice “in the kitchen area of the home”. No action is required on the part of retailers and installers. For more information on Alternative Construction, see my post on that topic Let’s talk about: Alternative Construction (2-26-2018)

It is important that retailers and installers understand this situation so that they can accurately answer any questions posed by their customers who happen to see this notice. It is possible that you may run across a new manufactured home that utilizes multiple AC letters, like one for windows as well as other construction features. Make certain you check in the homeowners’ packet for any other AC approvals that may require your action.

Finally, while this is a blanket, nationwide AC Letter, I am sure that not every manufacturer will need to utilize this waiver. I suggest you talk with your manufacturer’s Quality Assurance Manager and ask them to keep you up-to-date on this issue.

Below is the link to the HUD website where you can access the AC letter and the notice:

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