DHS Advisory on Manufactured Housing Workers as Essential

I wanted to share with you the following guidance that was issued by the US Department of Homeland Security on May 19 on identifying essential workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to DHS, manufactured housing workers involved in the “sale, transportation and installation of manufactured homes”, are specifically listed as essential workers. Also, workers responsible for the leasing of residential properties to provide access to affordable housing are also listed as essential.

It is important to note that this information is NOT a directive or standard, but rather only to be considered by state or local jurisdictions when determining their own list of essential workers. Consult with your state and/or local authorities before moving forward.

When reviewing this document, please pay attention to the BOLD TEXT on the cover page to better explain the limitations of this document. Scroll to the last page (Page 20) to see specifically where manufactured home retailers, transporters and installers are listed (Residential/Shelter Facilities Housing and Real Estate and Related Services).

Click below to access the document:

Dept of Homeland Security Advisory on Essential Workers

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