Personalized Small Group Installer Training Available!

Last week I traveled to New England to present a HUD Manufactured Home Installer Training course specifically for a community owner and his crew so they could get their HUD Manufactured Home Installer License.

Friday morning I received an email from that community owner that I wanted to share:

  • “The course was great and we all learned a lot, but more important the understanding behind the license makes sense. The explanation & knowledge you have from HUD & industry is important to this process… 
    The real installer needs the license attained in this fashion.”

I had to agree! Working with this small group allowed us to focus the training on areas of greatest need, and we were also able to highlight the manufacturers installation manuals specific to the homes they sold/installed.

So retailers, community owners, manufacturers, installers, etc., if you would like to coordinate a HUD approved Manufactured Housing Installer Training for your smaller group, contact me and let’s see what we can work out!